Thursday, June 7, 2012

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Dr Shaista Wahidi
Nadia Khan (TV actress)
Topic: How women can stay young forever?
Host: Dr Shaista Wahidi

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Anonymous said...

Today ,,, You are looking So beautifull.........

the dish washer said...

well, shaista is almost 42, but keep in mind 42 yrs ago people did not evaluate dates properly. who know the 40's are the same, there is no great change ofs.

well, shaistas hands show that she beyond her young days. whatever young means or labelled.? ha ha ha she cant deny anything she youches with her hands. she is married and she doesnt even wear the rings because the gold is newer than her. The saying "gold is old" does not fit with her? when shaista wore her rings she thought she was giving away her true ages.

Anonymous said...

please shaista maen bohat parayshan ur taklef maen hun mughay kisi tarha say bhi noor zaman sahab yaa naqshbandi sahab ka rabta ya apki tem say rabta karnay ka tariqa bata dijiay mayra id hay facebook paybhi same id hay please halp me

Anonymous said...

What they did not discuss is the Libido associated with Menopause.Not the same as before.. that drives most husbands to look for alternatives, probably because of this sharia permits 4 wives.
Forever Happy Man

Anonymous said...

to the sweet heart above, actually its the blood flow tha has to much salt extract and the gravity pressure on the libido

Anonymous said...

leave every thing yar shaista g sa es Q ka A pocho.k loug din ba din less fresh nazer aaty hain ra ap hain k din ba din or fresh or young dekhai daite ho.wts a secrect bihind it.hmhmhmhhhmhm...ADIL SHEZAD PESHAWAR KPK

Anonymous said...

nadia hassan kay bazoo, hathyar lag rehay hai"n.

Anonymous said...

t'hok marna ekh doosray ko hadh may kaboo karai'n

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