Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Watch October 18th 2011 Show

Dr Shaista Wahidi
Mufti Abid Mubarak
MA Khan Noori
Syed Babar Shah Gilani
Hafiz Muhammad Salfi
Host: Dr Shaista Wahidi

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farmaish said...

thank you shaista
itna bara step lenay ka shukar hay mera der door ho gya, ab mera dil chahta hay main apni aik qabar khudwaoon or maheenay main atleast aik hafta to holidays kay liye jaoon, takay marnay kay baad wo jaga naii na lagay, or aik or achhi baat ye huvi kay ab hum ko aap ki meharbani say aik picnic spot bhi mil gya, hum awayeen main beech waghara jatay hain , ab qabarastaan hay naa,,,,,

Anonymous said...

where is the sound??? dahhh, non sense

suomynona said...

Sorry to say, no sound and the jins were supposed to rest in the tents that were placed behind the tree, you can also see the picture in the Jang Newspaper, there is a halographic picture behind a person who is touching the tree...

saba baig said...

shaista, u hve done great work for the people who consider qabrastan a vry dangrous place,most of people r vry superspitious nd all the life they fear like that places, i appericiat u nd team for this wonderful job. thanks.

Saqib said...

We should be worried about our life in the Grave (After we died) not about what's going in Grave Yard. Koye jin ha ka nahi, koye asab ha ka nahi...That's should be our thinking direction. Shatan (Davel) has diverted our life and not allowing us to think Right. It will be appreciated Shaista Wadi if u guys guide nation in the right direction... Nahi tu u r just wasting time of u r self and of the nation. and u will acknowledge when ur eyes closed....!

Anonymous said...

i don't knw this is right or wrong but its not true thing to do this act.......

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i didn't understand why she went there because jins only come when its dark aur is video mei they had the camera light so how r they supposed to see a jin when the whole group went to discover it?jin sirf tab dikaye dete hain jab unki marzi ho aur jab andhera ho.. tab ni jab puri cast waha aye ho movie banany .. thats just nonsense

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