Monday, October 17, 2011

Watch October 17th 2011 Show

Dr Shaista Wahidi
Dr Nehal Masood
Dr Zeba Aziz
Sadia Imam
Dr Mahmood Alam
Mufti Abid Mubarak
Host: Dr Shaista Wahidi

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Anonymous said...

app ka show acha jar ha

Anonymous said...

gud show but shaista jinaat ka wajud be brhaq ha. es sy inkar nae han hum. fake nae sab. wajood ha inka b.

anyway show acha ha

Anonymous said...

shaista agar apnay challenge lia tha tou u ap tanha jati n kuch time akely spend krti tree k nechay.

Anonymous said...

hy..... Asalamoalaikum Dr. Shaista and ur ujp team... doing welldone job u all........ well agr apnay yah challaenge except kiya tha tou i must say apko akaylay jana chahiyah tha. and kuch time waha spend krna chahiyah tha.....

Anonymous said...

good apa

Anonymous said...

i want the name of the doc who was there in 17 oct prog with sadia imam. plz tell me the name and # of that person

Anonymous said...

if you decide to have this many childrem after thet are brn then remove the tract wich bredds the cancer, have children at young age then remove. we are not attracted to breasts.

Anonymous said...

there is jadoo and gin on shias to get shias in the discovery and research on these realities. other peoples say if your either get into discovery or research allah will be angry with you and youse will dismember. this means your communities will face wrath. so, if i were not to fnd of shias then i would make relationship with those anti shia and make them understand this then get funds to relate with the creatures who van simply send gins to shias.

melik shaha said...

almost all peoples who came on tv since 70s had all kinds of tactics aginst them like gin-jadoo-saya impression. double agents did wrong to please india or afganistan, usually christain west or jewish east/europe.
minorities were heavily involved during 70s- but as enemies became stronger muslim pakistanis started to do gin weakening pakistani entertainments, for example film industry. many indians were invited to do such things.

melik shaha said...

reiki is just a way to relocate the problem to a another body part. this means that places in the body that usually feels stress,pain, anxiety, depression are disturbed like in accupuncture ways so that the issue may connect the dots to places of less inceptors , like bones and muscles. the patients i know that have done this as well as other technics usually must have regular sex on the days of the reiki healing, so what happens is the transferring of issue into the partner who will not feel the issue. historically in other countries when this such thing was implemented the rate of pregnency increased

Anonymous said...

zakham pay malam
please shaista do go to the park of the dead. and take some pictures. for me us the fans .
dr alam ko be saat leyjana. his talk about carbn dioxide is true for mass.

melik shaha said...

sadia kee shaadi abb honi chayee, shes had alot of drugs, different talkings, healing and hurting expriences . candles infact make the ginat more comfortable not doing mischief "yet", so its not a remedy . about the wax not melting , well there is great science today and there are special mome batees that light long and there is no melting the candle keeps shape for a long time then melts. when a family like sadias is chosen to create issues all kinds of ways to prove what ever she says will be done. this is classic. please tell her. this is it. since she belongs to shia background , all they wan t is for them to research whats going on then put the non-shia to observe, that why there are frictions. some majic are also done to make researchers like me make sure itd just a majic trick being played, but the problem is there when my other muslim friends observe , the anti shia and other minorities then try to malign or make look like heritics and kafirs. its a huge game for a long time. sorry sadia the right medicine nor the right kinds of people you never encountered. plus you r a beuty with growing problems right..

Anonymous said...

like they did with shaista they did with sadia , shaista was protected sadia no. muakals have connections with good peoples, sadia is twisting and its not her fault.

Hina said...

plz any body send me Dr mahmood's contact it's not clear on scream im in sharjah & need her contact so much.

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