Monday, September 3, 2012

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Dr Shaista Wahidi
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Dr Shaista Wahidi

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Anonymous said...

plz shaista improve ur self.............u r eductaed. get some productive topics..........i beg u...........make it presentable........may allah show u right path.from,
ur well wisher n patriotic pakistani

sameena classiquelok said...

leave her alone you cant understand being a mother in these days, why dont U carrom her with productive topics? fill in the white space in this website.
ha ha, ill tell you that if long hair is problematic then cut it to manageable length. now, when will you make a cup of tea. i beg u, it it will improve yor self, and for sakes make it presentable.your education will show us the right path.

Anonymous said...

Sabs was acting like a total bitch towards everyone & behaved as if she's the queen of the world. It was so cheap of her to only comment on Rukaia's bride not Mona's bride. She kept on bashing Mona. I got my wedding make up done by Mona & her whole team was very professional. I also went to Saba this year for my sister in-laws wedding make, Sabs was very unprofessional, NO time management & was screaming at 2 different brides & told the, to leave her salon on their wedding day in the evening.
Sabs is really fake only the people speaking in English wearing pants got good service & attention rest of the normal people (who also paid her 30,000 for bridal package) got treated like shit.

Anonymous said...

short but concise... is shaista muslim? shee looks daoodi-jew to me, thats what waqar said first he saw her

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