Friday, June 1, 2012

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Anonymous said...

chalya is just for certain envirnments, consequently environments shift there places, along with excess baggage.

chalya is like women too.

faris junaid said...

actually beetle nuts is to camofluage the people who transfer there negativities via ther mouth. people who speak certain versuses of jin language, they gather up the negativities and chooof out there mouth. over time they start to have deteriating teeth. so, that is also why beetle nuts become "popular".
i agree with the person above; beetle nuts is popular amongst majicians involved into. its also a medicine if properly utilized.

ilovechikenpakoras said...

everyone get with the program, what in paan makes your lips go color. and if applied to face go color blush?

Anonymous said...

just dirty , dirt mix may be applied on body when in a certain condition, but why get into that condition.

Anonymous said...

why is the peoples telling about there drug experiences in a happy, smiling , and with a shine. it is very not good. just how that man was saying about t hat sharab he taste, looking at his smile make me think to try and then leave it. try it leave it.

Anonymous said...

be careful evryone, sas is investing into choco -coco industry. chocolate brandy flavor chocolat eis womens favorite to make sleepy.

Anonymous said...

shaista , from the bottom of her concious,wants to get pakistan hooked onto chaleeya. she is enemy agent. she was dreaming that an ok looking women like hers face including teeth on paan package. and she wanted to say look at me i am so beutiful and my teeth are als too. to die for.... and i eat paan-chalyeea everday,,,so can you- make bhau charra with your friends.. this was her tactic.

Anonymous said...

all bengali to their home please. did you here that guy how he was so proud.

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