Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Watch May 1st 2012 Show

Dr Shaista Wahidi
Dr. Javed Farooqui
Moiz Kazmi
(Fashion Critic)
Ali Saleem
Bazil Shahid Siddiqui
(Student of Psychology)
Host: Dr Shaista Wahidi

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Part 2:

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Anonymous said...

Sensitive Topic...sureal, good one

Anonymous said...

Bold & real, the doctor & Psychologist were impressive, rest, just fill in the blank..

skinny in summers, fatter in winters keeps good said...

shaista, can you copy ali saleems voice and say this " uff, aisa mujay maath daekho , naa".

ali saleem is good man now, never advertise!
i think phsycik powers are in the boys and its also helping to create the gender crisis towards. so, how now to investigate? it is known throughout growth from time to time the 7th sense is in, this indeed perpetuats men seeking womennesses. study!

shaista why are you looking week, are you trying to fit in.. wrap a dupatta around next time, to hide your bones.

Kiran said...

OMG! thanks you ppl a lot that you ppl disscussed a issue which is regarding with my problem, I m a serious case of gender crisis,I am a Male trapped in a wrong body, and by the passage of time my frustation increases day by day, please help me, tell me about any doctor in Karachi. Waiting for your positive response.

Anonymous said...

hi shaista ap ka show kabi kabi acha hota hy or kabi kabi acha nai hota hy

Anonymous said...

Wow Moiz Kazmi on show? He is really bold. I am glad geo bagged him. How much did he charge for coming on the show? I think he is really expensive and very talented guy.

Anonymous said...

but mant genger situation men are not so decent and loving. they are hurting men and doing wrong things to them, even sexual abuse-hypnotism, and rapes. making fun of them or other law obiding negativities is to discourage their characteristic and habits of creating moods that symptomize the gender identity.

Anonymous said...

hey any body tell shahista is wearing which lable dress plzzz???

Anonymous said...

the show was definitely better than those 'roohani' dramas...

Anonymous said...

Good yr i like it

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