Monday, February 13, 2012

Watch February 13th 2012 Show

Dr Shaista Wahidi
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Host: Dr Shaista Wahidi

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Anonymous said...

Very disappointed and cheap show !

Anonymous said...

I love shaista's dress who is it made by?

abeera said...

hi shaista api h r u u r looking very beautiful day

Anonymous said...

this looks like couples program which tests and rejeuvenates their relationships. also there is a sence of intellectual property being displayed in the act of a valentine game show. without the banners, the program is similiar to other shows. nice idea, of how to re-culture a forgein banner-ism.

Anonymous said...

i am glad u were recently promoted from ok person to above ok person. congradulations mem sahiba. noe you can have the key do the homegarden gate. a gift from the sponsors.

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